SUNY Maternity Leave: The Case-by-Case Contract

Inadequate maternity leave has been a matter of debate for prominent American companies like Starbucks and Thinx and wanes in comparison to expansive policies in other countries. The United States remains the only developed country that does not guarantee a paid leave. For two years, professors at SUNY College of Old Westbury have been advocating… Continue reading SUNY Maternity Leave: The Case-by-Case Contract

Alumna, Model, & Author Lisa Ramos

Lisa Ramos is just like us.  She quotes T. Swift, loves pizza and classic Beatles songs, and has gone on nightmare first dates with criminals and stalkers.  She even went to SUNY Old Westbury!  “I was actually wearing my big Old Westbury t-shirt for pajamas the other night,” she shared.  The difference, however, is that… Continue reading Alumna, Model, & Author Lisa Ramos

Playing Catch(up) with CBS Sports Radio Producer Shaun Morash

If you Google SUNY Old Westbury class of 2010 alumnus Shaun Morash's name, a wide range of results will pop up.  He gained notoriety and a huge Twitter following after getting choked up live on the air while talking about Derek Jeter’s retirement.  He was caught silently doing the "whip and the nae nae" from… Continue reading Playing Catch(up) with CBS Sports Radio Producer Shaun Morash