Alumna, Model, & Author Lisa Ramos

Lisa Ramos is just like us.  She quotes T. Swift, loves pizza and classic Beatles songs, and has gone on nightmare first dates with criminals and stalkers.  She even went to SUNY Old Westbury!  “I was actually wearing my big Old Westbury t-shirt for pajamas the other night,” she shared.  The difference, however, is that… Continue reading Alumna, Model, & Author Lisa Ramos

Playing Catch(up) with CBS Sports Radio Producer Shaun Morash

If you Google SUNY Old Westbury class of 2010 alumnus Shaun Morash's name, a wide range of results will pop up.  He gained notoriety and a huge Twitter following after getting choked up live on the air while talking about Derek Jeter’s retirement.  He was caught silently doing the "whip and the nae nae" from… Continue reading Playing Catch(up) with CBS Sports Radio Producer Shaun Morash

Yoga: Sell Out, Keep Out, or Branch Out

“The love and the light in me recognizes and admires the love and the light in each and every one of you,” Beth Fields says, as she does at the close of all her yoga classes.  In front of her lay seventeen yoga practitioners, breathing heavily with eyes closed and palms raised towards the ceiling… Continue reading Yoga: Sell Out, Keep Out, or Branch Out

Profile on Asha Foster

Rediscovered: Body, Mind, and Spirit Whole Foods is bustling with people on a chilly Saturday morning.  Asha Foster fits right in with the crowd, donning cropped leggings and spotless Nike’s.  Sipping on an earthy green smoothie and surveying “the cuties” she frequently sees there, Asha is particularly early for her engagement.  This is a new… Continue reading Profile on Asha Foster