SUNY Maternity Leave: The Case-by-Case Contract

Inadequate maternity leave has been a matter of debate for prominent American companies like Starbucks and Thinx and wanes in comparison to expansive policies in other countries. The United States remains the only developed country that does not guarantee a paid leave. For two years, professors at SUNY College of Old Westbury have been advocating… Continue reading SUNY Maternity Leave: The Case-by-Case Contract

National Geographic’s Gender Revolution with Katie Couric

On Monday, February 6th, National Geographic premiered what is arguably Katie Couric’s most radical investigation to date.  In the two-hour documentary Gender Revolution, Couric, doubling as the producer, “sets out to explore the rapidly evolving complexities of gender identity.” The documentary consists of interviews with doctors, scientists, therapists, and students.  Couric speaks with people who… Continue reading National Geographic’s Gender Revolution with Katie Couric